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StepInsight celebrates its one year anniversary today! Whoop! Whoop! We opened our doors 12 months ago to the day, it hasn’t always been easy and, as many entrepreneurs, we had our share of ups and downs but above all, we’ve enjoyed every minute of what I can call today a success story!

I’m still amazed that more and more clients decide to trust us to do business with them, that we have a small but growing team of smart and wonderful people, that hundreds of people are using on a daily basis the application software and data solutions we’re developing. I wake up every day surprised that this is our reality and take absolutely none of it for granted.

Sometimes, not often enough, we pause to celebrate on the small wins. But today, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this unbelievable first year and share our results, because I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. Here are the highlights:

✔︎ We’ve developed and launched our own SaaS platform, Metis, to help companies with a field force boost their product margin by optimising and balancing their territory structure. And we now have one of the Big Pharma company as our first client.

✔︎ Our data strategy and web application consulting business has served a dozen clients, from global enterprises to high-growth startups, across two continents, most of whom we continue to work with today. And it has been an absolute privilege to work with each and every one of them.

✔︎ We’ve become an approved technology execution vendor for partnering with the Australian government.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to the people who have gotten us here. Thank you not only for all the support you’ve been giving us but also for the investment of yourselves. It’s amazing being surrounded by people who care as much about our vision as we do. And thanks to the Fishburners community for becoming our new home and part of the StepInsight family.

We have big goals for the next year. We’re planning on growing our consulting business in both size and capability. We’re planning on making some exciting improvements to Metis that will make it useful for any company with a field force, not just the pharma industry. But more importantly, we want to put our own stamp on the world creating applications that help businesses to maximise their revenue and improve their bottom line.

Thanks again for a great first year, we had a blast! Keep in touch for year two!