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SVEN: Streamline Casual Job Recruitment

SVEN: Streamline Casual Job Recruitment

Leveraging Dual-Faced Software to Transform Casual Work Hiring

Tech Stack

  • Backend: Node.js
  • Business and Admin Portal: Vue.js
  • Mobile App: Flutter
  • Database: MongoDB


  • Agile Development
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Continous Integration/Continous Deployment (CI/CD)

The Challenge

SVEN aimed to simplify the casual job search for workers and businesses, a process previously dependent on personal networks and often inefficient. The task was to create a streamlined, accessible platform to connect job seekers with employers while handling payroll and timesheets.

The Approach

User-Centered Design

We developed a mobile app for job seekers and a web-based platform for businesses, ensuring user-friendly experiences tailored to their needs.

Collaborative Development

Worked closely with SVEN and a design agency to understand user flows and design challenges, leading to efficient backend engineering.



Despite its ambitious scope, the project was completed within a few months. SVEN's platform has achieved remarkable success, amassing over 3,000 users and drastically reducing recruitment costs.

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